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IP Project | 01.2020

Vee and Cayde lives in Storia, a community of animals living in an underground hole. Storia religiously believes that the hole was made by a God to shelter them from the world above, and everyone is forbidden to travel to the surface. One faithful day, Vee found a mysterious, thick notebook once belonging to an adventurer of the world above them. Filled with wanderlust and curiosity, Vee and Cayde set out on an adventure to break out of Storia and explore the world that awaits them.


A World Beyond is my IP about a story concept that is still ongoing. I started this project around my final semester in The One Academy and dived at the opportunity to create an entirely new world, new characters and stories. I used this project to not only help me explore my identity in art, but to also enjoy doing what I love as much as I can.

An inner message I wanted to convey within the story is to be your true self and pursue your dreams as you grow up and approach adulthood. In an oppressing world filled with social constructs, it wont be an easy thing to do. But once you push through all the obstacles and achieve your dreams, it will be worth it.


On Teeth's Edge


Encountering Oru

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ORU sketches.jpg
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