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Winner! is a commission for a client on Twitter. The client requested for a scene depicting both of their original characters playing with an arcade machine, winning a big stuffed bear.


Reading the prompt, I immediately envisioned a darkly lit but colorful scene, both the characters and the environments lit by vibrant neon lights.
I wanted it to look like a beautiful, colorful mess.


2021-12-27 16_59_55-Window.png

Using Blender, I modelled a rough blockout of the scene to help with exploring different angles and getting the perspective down accurately. I also added some lights to get a rough feel of how the scene will be lit (though the lighting didn't come out like how I wanted it to be).

I found that using a slight fisheye lens will help me fit more objects in to the scene, as the angle I settled for was a bit tricky.

Also teddy bear model belongs to it's respective owners! :)

After confirming the angle (and anxiously microediting the angle 1000 times), I used the blockout as a reference and sketched my scene over it. I wanted the scene to be very full and cluttered with plushies, wanting to achieve a maximalist aesthetic.

I wasn't too worried about the scene looking too messy during the sketch, as I know I can show some distinction between important elements in the scene during the rendering stage. For now, I just needed to make sure the composition looks good.

When doing the flat colors, I made a mental note to make sure all plushies were saturated and not too dull, as it would work against the mood I wanted to go for. Hence, I also had to make sure my color choices worked together and were harmonious.

From there, I started layering my shadows, the environment lights, the character lights and then any effects and adjustments that would go on top of the outline layers!

I experimented a lot with what light and color combination I should go for. I wanted an overall palette of dark blue and pink, but also needed another bright color to balance them out.

Hence, the bright yellow on the right! It also gave the character an interesting rim light.

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